Exterminator – KC Pest Control

Exterminator – KC Pest Control

We can handle removing your insect infestation with professionalism.

KC Pest Control is locally owned and operated by Kevin Conners with over 36 years of experience removing bed bugs, silverfish, beetles, mice, rats, moths, fleas, roaches, wasps, bees, birds and other pests from your business or residence. We also do live animal trapping of squirrels, skunks, armadillos and more. With  years in the pest control industry, we have seen it all.

No matter how new or clean your home is, pest control emergencies can and do happen to everyone. In our experience, the best way to prevent pest control emergencies is to proactively guard against them with a comprehensive approach tailored to the unique needs of your home. When we arrive at your home, we analyze the situation, give you our professional opinion and then get to work targeting the sources or potential sources of pest control problems. Our residential pest control protects your home with careful planning and application that cover both the interior and exterior of your residence as well as any nearby structures. If you have a pest control problem or want to proactively prevent one, please schedule an appointment by calling us at (405) 679-8729.

What Sets Us Apart From the Competition?

– We are always happy to offer professional consultations, free estimates, and reliable advice.
– We offer you a company that provides professionalism, integrity, and customer-oriented approach.
– We offer reliable and affordable pest control services.

Why Should You Trust KC Pest Control?

– We have almost four decades of experience in the industry, which has helped us hone our skills and perfect our services.
– We can give you the peace of mind only a fully licensed pest control company can offer.
– We work with top-grade products and equipment, which allows us to deliver reliable and lasting results.

Do you want to learn more about the pest control services we offer? Just give us a call at (405) 679-8729! Our team is here and happy to tell you more about our various discounts, specials, and warranties. We look forward to your call and the chance to serve you!

We service your Commercial and Residential Pest Control.

KC Pest Control wants to exterminate your unwanted pests and get you back to sleeping peacefully!
Call  or text us today at (405)679-8729 .
Currently servicing Oklahoma City Metro area, Oklahoma County and Cleveland County

KC Pest Control is a member of the BBB.

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